Custom Website Design

Beautiful and results focused websites

Once upon a time, there were two website designers who wanted to make the lives of their clients SO much easier.

Because why should creating your website be , when it could be…


You want a website that…

is built to last and flexible, so it grows as your business grows

that you have full control over and know how to use (so you don’t have to contact your web designer/developer for every tiny edit!)

is cost effective and doesn’t break the bank

you’re proud to show off and tell people about

is a lead/sales generating machine, not just a pretty business card

Perhaps you’ve tried to DIY, but with the endless amount of information available, it’s taking up time and energy that you don’t have and that you could instead be investing into other aspects of your business.

Or maybe you’ve already got a DIY website or a website that has been created for you, but you want to take it to the next level!

It doesn’t fit your current business, it lacks personality and you’re fed up of trying to figure out how to jazz it up or make it work better. You feel held back in your business and know that if you had an awesome website, you’d feel much more confident in making sales. Perhaps you even have a case of website shame.

Website Shame: you’re embarrassed of your current website (or lack of website) so you don’t tell anybody about it and it holds back your business growth. You have to work harder to attract new clients and spend more time and energy doing the job that your website should do.

Getting a new website is a daunting project, whether you’re building it yourself or working with a professional.

We’ve heard many stories of disappearing web designers, websites that didn’t hit the mark with the design or business goals, websites that simply didn’t work…!

So you may be feeling vulnerable at this next big stage of your business. You want a seamless, stress-free experience. You want to be involved with the process and know what to expect. You want your website to be in safe hands as you’ve already poured your heart and soul into your business and want your website to reflect that.

Example website >> –

We can help you to create a website that’s beautiful and results focused…

following a simple process where we support you every step of the way.

No more overwhelm

No more endless hours watching YouTube videos, trying to figure out how to tweak your website

No more Website Shame!

Imagine feeling relaxed about your website, knowing that everything is running smoothly. You know exactly what’s happening in the website project, and you know you have someone there that you can trust to support you.

And once you have your new website… You feel confident in going to the next level – you know you’re awesome, your business is amazing and your website perfectly demonstrates exactly what you’re all about! You’re making more money, reaching your goals, and sharing your website left, right and center!

It’s like when someone has a makeover – what makes them who they are hasn’t changed but they feel amazing and project that confidence.

Imagine now that your website looks great, it stands out, it attracts the perfect clients and it shows off your unique personality. Selling is easier because you’re not shouting ‘look at me!’. You’re letting your website do the work for you.

Let’s unleash your website potential!

Think Mulan when she saved the whole of China and finally realised she was a badass!

We guide you through your website story from beginning to end so that you don’t need to spend your time and energy trying to figure it all out yourself. You can reach that beautiful fairytale ending quickly and efficiently.

From writing your content and designing a beautiful website that perfectly fits your brand and business goals, to launching your website into the world – we’re there to make sure the process goes as smoothly and as stress-free as possible, so that you can focus on running your business and doing the things you love.

Working with you is fab! You are so patient, helpful and what you know about websites and design shines through. All your ideas and suggestions were very much appreciated.

Tracey Tait

Beautiful and results focused website design

We lead you through your website fairytale –
beginning, middle and end.

We begin as every good story does, by setting the foundations for your website with content written with the help of a guided workbook from expert copywriter Laura at Worditude (or we can put you in touch with copywriters who can write your content for you).

We continue on the journey to the middle of your story, where the adventure happens! We create an amazing website personalised to you and your business, before reaching the end (your happily ever after!) where we launch your website into the world with a bang. Think Disney parade style celebration!

What’s included?

WordPress based – WordPress powers 35% of the internet. It’s a powerful tool and it’s the platform that we use for all of our websites. You can easily log in and update the website yourself if you’d like to. You have full control of the site and it’ll scale easily as your business grows.


Guided website content workbook – We have a workbook, written by copywriter Laura from Worditude, that guides you through writing your website content in bitesize chunks. It does mean there’s some time investment before we can start designing your website but it’s well worth it – the words on your website are a massively important part of making it successful (1-1 copywriting service also available).


Copy Consult from Laura at Worditude – Laura will review your copy, edit and make suggestions so that you can make sure your text content is the best it can be!

Mobile responsive website – Whatever device your audience chooses to use, they’ll see your website flawlessly. With over 50% of websites being viewed on a mobile, this is essential.

Integration with your marketing tools – Website visitors can easily find where they can follow and keep in touch with you on social media or your email list. We can also integrate the website with your call booking software, or any other marketing tool that you use in your business. Google Analytics (and optional Facebook Pixel) is set up as standard so that we can track your website and how well it’s working.

Hosting and domain name – We like to describe hosting as your rent for the internet, your domain name as your address and your website as your home. You need all 3 to have a self-hosted website that you have full control over. If you don’t already have hosting and a domain name, we can set that up for you so you don’t have to worry about any fiddly tech tasks. The first year is free!


Website training – You get access to videos and guides to help you to update the completed website yourself, if you’d like to! You have complete control over your website, so if you want to add weekly blog posts or a new page a few months down the line, then you can absolutely do so. Or we can look after your whole website for you with our retainer package.


Security – We’ll install the top WordPress security plugin on your website to keep it safe and secure. A big worry for a lot of website owners is their website being hacked, but Wordfence installs a firewall and helps to keep track of website maintenance so that your website stays strong against hackers. We’ll also make other security updates and give advice on what else you can do to improve the security of your website.

Reliable and trustworthy website designers – We’ve heard many horror stories of disappearing designers, but trust us when we say we’re not planning on going anywhere! There’s a whole team of us at Bloom & Brave Creative and even if we do retire to the tropics somewhere one day, we’ll never disappear on you. Whenever you need to update your website, add new features or new pages, or you have any questions… we’re in it for the long haul! And if you do decide to work with someone else after the project, absolutely no hard feelings – the website is created in a way that most web designers/developers will be familiar with. Not one that is hard coded and only easily adaptable by the original developer.


Future proof – The way we create websites and the platform that we use, means that you won’t have to totally start from scratch as your business changes and develops. Even the most perfect website can’t be a ‘set it and forget it’ project, (all websites need tweaks and adjustments to keep up with changing technology, new best practices and an evolving business) but the websites that we create are made to be easily adaptable. You’re not stuck with a website that you can’t update and alter as your business grows.

How does it work?

Stage 1

Here we set the foundations. To start with we send a questionnaire to learn more about your business, your goals and your customers. This helps us to really understand what you need and create a website that’s the perfect fit for you!

If you’re writing your website content yourself, we’ll send you a customised content workbook that will guide you through the process of writing your content. It’s important to make plenty of time for this so that you’re not rushing to meet the deadline! We give an estimated timeframe for each page that you can plan into your schedule.

Meanwhile, we’ll be setting up the structure of your website and making basic customisations such as uploading your brand fonts and your colour palette.

When you’re finished with the content workbook, we’ll send the information over to Laura at Worditude (an expert copywriter!) and she will report back with any edits or suggestions to make your copy the best it can be.

Stage 2

When we’ve got all of the foundational information (design brief/questionnaire, final text content, branding etc), we can start on the designs!

We always start with the home page as this sets the tone for all other pages on your website.

We’ll use the perfected home page to work on the rest of the web pages and we’ll check in with you as we go to make sure that all pages are hitting the mark. There’s space for 2 rounds of revisions here.

At this stage, we’ll also set up the legal pages needed on your website, integrate with any of your marketing tools, make sure the website looks great on all browsers and devices, improve the speed of the site if needed and make sure it is secure. A big chunk of the time in the ‘middle’ is spent on your website behind the scenes, not just on the design that everyone will see!

Stage 3

We’ll have a final review of the website together when it’s all finished to make any last tweaks.

We’ll also test one more time to make sure everything is perfect and then it’s go time!

When your website is live for all to see, we’ll help you to shout about it! On our own social media accounts, we’ll be sharing your new project, but we can also create social media graphics in your own branding for you to share too.

Your website will go live on our portfolio with a blog post that documents the project and information about what you do.

When your website is finished, you’ll receive a guide on what to do next, from promoting your new website to ongoing care and maintenance – like a ‘taking care of your new pet’ guide! Alternatively we can look after it for you. Either way you won’t finish the project wondering ‘what do I do with it now?!’.

How much does it cost?

£2,400 based on 8 pages
(E.g. Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact and 3 sales pages).

We only work on a maximum of 2 websites at a time so you get our full attention. This means we get booked up quite quickly! Get in touch now to secure your spot.

Hi, we’re Amber and Imy!

We’re sisters with a true passion for helping solopreneurs and small businesses to grow and succeed with beautiful and results focused websites!

We know that each entrepreneur has their own version of success whether that’s more freedom to work around their kids, the income to buy their dream home, more time to explore the world… And we’re passionate about helping them reach their goals, without having to become huge corporations. We truly believe tiny businesses can do magical things!

Amber founded the business in 2014 after working in a digital marketing and design agency managing clients such as The National Trust, Scottish Power and TalkTalk. She realised that she really enjoyed working with passion-led entrepreneurs who are running their businesses purely because they love what they do.

Imy joined the business a few years later and helped to take it to the next level. Together, with our wonderful team members, we are Bloom & Brave Creative, helping our clients to bloom into their vision of success and be brave when showing up online.

Absolutely first class! Totally blown away by Amber’s unique combination of design skill, professionalism, ‘can-do’ attitude and dedication to seeing it through. I feel I’ve gained an incredible asset to my brand and my business and highly recommend her. She’s gold dust!

Kate Tapper


Why WordPress?

WordPress now powers 35% of the internet. Consider how many websites you visit every day – at least 1 in 4 of those websites are likely to be powered by WordPress.

According to, roughly 500 new websites are built with WordPress every day, yet they all look and function differently.

We won’t bore you with more statistics, but you have to admit they’re impressive!

This is why we personally use WordPress:

  • It’s insanely flexible. WordPress can be used to build a simple brochure site, a membership site, an ecommerce site, a blog… With the addition of thousands of plugins (these add extra functionality), your website can be anything you want it to be.
  • You can expand easily as your business grows. Start with one page and add as many as you like in future without having to pay extra or jump through hoops.
  • WordPress itself is free. To have a self-hosted website, you’ll have to pay for hosting and a domain name, but you’ll never have to pay for the WordPress platform that your website is built with.
  • WordPress is easy to use. It’s not made for tech gurus, it’s made for people who want to manage their website without having to know anything overly technical. Our clients love this because it means that if they want to make small edits themselves they can do that straight away, without having to wait for their designer to do it and without having to pay extra.
  • WordPress is designed with search engines in mind. There are also great plugins available to help with search engine optimisation so you’re more likely to appear higher up on Google.
Do you offer SEO?

No, but we do work on making the website SEO friendly using a plugin called Rank Math, adding alt text to images, tagging headings correctly, making sure the website speed is up to scratch… For the more in-depth work, we’ve got experts that we can recommend.

What if I need more pages?

That’s absolutely fine, we can work together even if you need 500 pages!

Generally websites don’t need that many pages to explain what you do and how you can work with people (keep it simple!), but sometimes the 8 pages just aren’t enough. If you need more pages, let us know.

How much time will it take?

The time it’ll take to write the text content depends on your schedule but altogether we estimate 8-11 hours. That includes some work on your core messaging (it’ll help make writing the rest of the content much easier!) and 3 sales pages.

We don’t start designing the website until we have the content because it is so difficult to create a custom website built to your unique business and goals without knowing all of the information! The text content really does influence the design and is an important part of your website.

The website build itself usually takes between 4-6 weeks from the start date.

I want something more… E.g. a membership site, digital course, online shop, or any other special feature.

We have very limited availability for more advanced website projects but please get in touch to tell us about your project and we’ll email back with more information as soon as possible.

Can I edit the website myself?

Yes, you can, and that’s the beauty of WordPress. You don’t have to have any knowledge of coding to be able to edit your own website, because WordPress makes it so simple.

We provide videos and guides to the website once it’s complete, and we’ll always be there via email if you’d like to ask us anything in future. We are happy to jump on a Zoom call and walk you through it too.

Can you write my website copy?

We’re not a copywriters, but we work with amazing copywriters. Laura from Worditude has provided a workbook that will guide you through the process of writing your own text content, but if you’d like someone to write your website copy for you, let us know and we can introduce you to some wonderful people!