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Hi, we’re Amber & Imy!

We’re sisters with a true passion for empowering small businesses to grow and succeed with beautiful and results-focused websites, helping you to show up online so you can make the world a better place one micro upgrade at a time.

Just like our client Becky, who created a membership to help people navigate the journey of becoming parents through donor conception. Or Tracey, who had a challenging experience with menopause and recognised the importance of creating menopause awareness training for businesses to better support their employees and colleagues. Or Mistress Ess, a wonderful artist who creates feminist-driven artwork that pushes the boundaries of culture and societal norms and empowers her as a Muslim woman.

Each of these amazing people (and many, many more!) are making a difference to others and changing the world in their own way, and we’re here to help make that vision a reality and amplify their voices.

We truly believe that tiny businesses can do magical things without having to become huge corporations, and we’re here to back you up, cheer you on and help you achieve your business dreams.

Work With Us

WordPress Website Design

Completely custom website design tailored to your business and your goals. We lead you through your website fairytale – beginning, middle and end, from content to launch. Together we’ll create a beautiful and results focused website!

Website Audit

We can tell you exactly what changes to make to your website so that you can rest easy knowing it’s designed to look beautiful AND deliver results that grow your business, helping you to make a difference while making a profit.

Design & Tech VA

Virtual assistant packages for all of your website, tech and graphic design needs. We offer ongoing monthly packages and one-off project support to help your business bloom online – an expert in your pocket!

Website Wonderland

A step-by-step course to help you build your own website. No faff, no fluff – the only course you need to build and maintain your own WordPress website (even if you’re not tech savvy!).

“The Menopause Training Company now has a website to be proud of. Amber listened to my thoughts about what I wanted, took them on-board and came up with a website way beyond what I had in my mind.

One thing I really wanted was a Learning Centre – a place where my website visitors could go to easily find the blogs and videos that best answered their questions around menopause awareness for the workplace. She more than nailed it!

Having your new website created, designed and built by Bloom & Brave is fun and stress free. You’re in good hands from start to finish.”

Tracey Tait

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