Membership Websites

Make a recurring profit while making a difference to your online community

Bespoke membership site powered through WordPress – complete flexibility, minimal recurring fees and full ownership

You’re dreaming of a membership that can make a difference to your online community, but you’re overwhelmed by the options!
There are so many different platforms tailored to a cookie cutter business, but it’s not one size fits all. With so many features and so many systems, you just want it to be simple.

You want a platform you have full control over and can make your own.
You don’t want to compromise using a ready made platform like Thinkific or Kajabi. They seem easier but they are not quite what you want. You also don’t own the platform so you’re worried – what if they remove a key feature or even close down?

You have an amazing idea for a membership but you have no idea how to make your vision a reality.
You don’t have the luxury of time to be following endless tutorials that teach you how to do it from scratch, you don’t want the headache of having to troubleshoot painful tech issues, and you want it to work perfectly from the start like a streamlined dream.

What you really want is…

A user friendly, results driven membership website that you have full control over, tailored to your unique business. You own it and you can do whatever you like with it – the only limit is your imagination!

To make a difference in your online community. You’ve worked hard to build your authority and an audience of incredible people who would greatly benefit from your knowledge. You can’t wait to share it in a way that’s easily accessible with a great user experience.

No worries about those recurring payments adding up over time. We’ll save you money! Your membership website will pay for itself. With a self hosted membership site there are minimal platform fees compared to other membership builders that trap you with a more expensive monthly cost (that will continue EVERY month you have your membership!).

We’ll support and champion your entire project. Membership websites are a big deal! We’re there to help with the planning, advise on your systems, and ensure everything works together in the simplest and most efficient way possible.

A stress free, hand holding launch experience. We’ll take the tech stress off your hands and will be there to support you through launching (with an option for ongoing support after launch) and to welcome your new members to your brand spanking new, absolutely unbelievable membership site!

At Bloom & Brave Creative, we’re passionate about helping changemakers, solopreneurs and small businesses to make a bigger difference to their audience, allowing them to impart their expertise and wisdom on even more people while making a recurring profit.

Combining our design skills with our love for tech and strategy, we help our clients to scale their impact by creating impressive, beautiful and results focused membership sites!

There’s nothing we love more than being a vital part of your journey and sharing with you the excitement that comes with building something that grows as your business does. We’re passionate about helping you to bloom and show up bravely online, whether that be through your website, course or membership.

Hi, we’re Amber & Imy!

We’re sisters with a true passion for empowering small businesses to grow and succeed with beautiful and results-focused websites, helping you to show up online so you can make the world a better place one micro upgrade at a time.


We truly believe that tiny businesses can do magical things without having to become huge corporations, and we’re here to back you up, cheer you on and help you achieve your business dreams.

“During 2020 in lockdown I had an idea for a membership support platform, but no idea how to bring it to life. My first consultation with Amber changed all that, she listened to my ideas, what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it and pulled together several proposal options to help find the best one to suit my needs. Every question was answered, with confidence and quickly, with my expectations managed throughout.

My business launched almost 12 months ago now and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do as much as I have done without Amber by my side. Her support didn’t stop at launching my membership site, she’s given solutions when listening to feedback towards evolving the site, made suggestions as to how best to streamline processes and supported me with any technical queries, meaning my brain and time is free to concentrate on developing my content and supporting my members.

Working with Amber is like a breath of fresh air, I feel very grateful to have her recommended to me by another happy client and would recommend her (and her team) to anyone!”

Becky Kearns

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