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Bloom & Brave Creative is run by a team of amazing women! Together, we strive to help our clients bloom into their vision of success and be brave when showing up online.

Hi, we’re Amber & Imy!

We’re sisters with a true passion for empowering small businesses to grow and succeed with beautiful and results-focused websites. And it goes far beyond website design!

We can be your design and tech team:
in your back pocket for whenever you need us!


We truly believe that tiny businesses can do magical things without having to become huge corporations, and we’re here to back you up, cheer you on and help you achieve your business dreams.

We’re here for the passion-led small businesses, the changemakers, the people making the world a better place one micro upgrade at a time.

Like our client Mel, the UK’s first and only Solo Parenthood Coach, supporting single women around the world on their adventure to become solo parents.

Or Jessica, a business coach for B2B women consultants, helping women to bridge the gender pay gap and step up in a male-dominated field to create wealth and opportunities for themselves and the people around them.

Or Laura, a copywriter and marketing mentor who escaped the confines of the corporate world to create a business that worked around her life and family, and now helps people create their own version of a Comfy Business – a business that feels good to them and works around the nuances of their life.

Or Fertility Matters at Work, a team of three amazing ladies who are on a mission to ensure fertility is recognised and supported in all organisations after they each experienced fertility struggles and loss and noticed a huge gap in workplace support.



We love working with people who are led by purpose and passion, to help their business to bloom and to encourage them to show up bravely online.

The small businesses we work with are truly changing the world. Not in huge, universe-shifting ways for the whole of humanity, but in huge, universe-shifting ways for the people they serve. And as a whole, they’re making the world a better place one small shift at a time.

We’ve always wanted to make a difference in the work that we do, but we thought that we needed to be bigger or more successful to make any meaningful change. We were inspired by some of the wonderful clients we work with to look at things from a different perspective and see that small businesses can do magical things.

As well as helping our clients achieve big things, Bloom & Brave are also members of B1G1. B1G1 members are part of a global movement that uses business as a force for good. Through everyday business activities, we can contribute to projects and causes that help change lives!

Meet Amber

Founder, Website/Graphic Designer, Virtual Assistant

Hi, I’m Amber! I founded Amber Phillips Design (now Bloom & Brave Creative) in 2014, chasing after my passion for design, creativity and the freedom of being your own boss!

Previously I worked at a marketing agency managing campaigns for clients such as The National Trust and Talk Talk (I was 18 when I started here and oh yes, I was thrown in the deep end!). It was here that I began designing websites and fell in love with the strategy and creativity that goes into them.

I LOVED working with the smaller passion-led businesses over the larger corporate companies, so I started up on my own. I was ready to run my business in my own unique way, focusing on the thing that brought me the most joy – design! I wanted to work on projects that stretched my imagination, not ones with insanely strict rules. I wanted to learn and improve with every design, not feel like I was doing the same thing over and over.

That’s what led me to Bloom & Brave Creative, where we embrace that there’s no rulebook for running a business. Every story is unique, every business has a personality and everyone has a different version of success. There’s nothing we love more than being a vital part of that journey and sharing with you the excitement that comes with growing your business. We’re passionate about helping you to bloom and show up bravely online, whether that be through your website, course or membership.

My favourite colour is…


My favourite animal is…

an Alpaca

If I were a Disney character, I would be…


Meet Imy

Co-Founder, Website/Graphic Designer, Virtual Assistant

Hi, I’m Imy – Amber’s younger sister and the other half of the Bloom & Brave dynamic duo!

I initially worked behind the scenes at Amber Phillips Design before organically taking on a bigger role within the business. If Amber Phillips Design was Amber’s baby, I guess it was my niece! I fell in love with it then but even more so now that we’ve expanded our vision into what it is as Bloom & Brave, embracing working with passion-led small businesses and changemakers to make a difference.

I was diagnosed with ME/CFS when I was 14 and have spent over a decade having my life consistently uprooted by chronic illness. As an adult, navigating a career alongside nurturing my health seemed impossible, but ‘bloom where you are planted’ rings true. When we founded Bloom & Brave, we wanted to redefine what business looked like and build something that grew around US. We wanted to encourage women in business to bloom in their own way, your business blossoming to support the ecosystem of your life – and for me, this is especially important.

Just like Amber I’ve always loved being creative, channelling that process through digital art, graphic design and theme building on various platforms. As a teen I enjoyed coding and design simply for fun and could never have imagined it’d lead me to where I am now. In my spare time, I’m a video game nerd who loves to bake – although I’m much better at design!

My favourite colour is…


My favourite animal is…

a Tiger

If I were a Disney character, I would be…

Sleeping Beauty

Meet Tammy

Virtual Assistant, Administrator

Hi I’m Tammy! I am passionate about helping clients achieve their goals, having a personal love of analysing data, organising diaries, organising events and managing emails. I am also fond of the techie side of things like website edits, creating lead pages and fixing any glitches or mishaps that may occur. I am very adaptable in whatever industry I may work for!

I’m part of the team at Bloom & Brave Creative but you can also find me at tammyvirtualassistant.co.uk or on Instagram.

My favourite colour is…


My favourite animal is…

a Giraffe

If I were a Disney character, I would be…


Meet  Holly

Virtual Assistant, Administrator

Hey, I’m Holly Pryce! I’m a front-end web developer specialising in WordPress websites. I started teaching myself to code for fun when I was 14, but after graduating with a degree in geography I decided to turn my hobby into my career and landed my first role as a web interface developer. For the last 4 years I’ve been running my own web development business and have built hundreds of websites for clients all over the world.

I’m originally from Shropshire, but now live just outside of Liverpool on the Wirral. When I’m not working I love travelling, gaming, baking, and listening to classic rock music.

I’m part of the team at Bloom & Brave Creative but you can also find me at hollypryce.com or on Instagram.

My favourite colour is…


My favourite animal is…

a Dolphin

If I were a Disney character, I would be…

Princess Leia

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