Meet the Team

Bloom & Brave Creative, previously Amber Phillips Design, is run by a team of amazing women! Together, we strive to help our clients bloom into their vision of success and be brave when showing up online.

Hi, we’re Amber & Imy!

We’re sisters with a true passion for helping solopreneurs and small businesses to grow and succeed with beautiful and results focused websites!

We know that each entrepreneur has their own version of success whether that’s more freedom to work around their kids, the income to buy their dream home, more time to explore the world… And we’re passionate about helping them reach their goals, without having to become huge corporations. We truly believe tiny businesses can do magical things!

Together, with our other wonderful team members, we are Bloom & Brave Creative, helping our clients to bloom into their vision of success and be brave when showing up online.

Meet Amber

Founder, website/graphic designer, Virtual Assistant

Hi, I’m Amber! I founded Amber Phillips Design (now Bloom & Brave Creative) in 2014, chasing after my passion of design, creativity and the freedom of being your own boss!

Previously I worked at a marketing agency managing campaigns for clients such as The National Trust and Talk Talk (I was 18 when I started here and oh yes, I was thrown in the deep end!). It was here that I began designing websites and fell in love with the strategy that goes into them.

I LOVED working with the smaller passion-led businesses over the larger corporate companies, so I started up on my own. I was ready to run my business in my own unique way, focusing on the thing that brought me the most joy – design! I wanted crazy, quirky dresses, not blazer jackets. I wanted to work on projects that stretched my imagination, not ones with insanely strict rules. I wanted to learn and improve with every design, not feel like I was doing the same thing over and over.

That’s led me here to Bloom & Brave Creative, where we embrace that there’s no rulebook for running a business. Every story is unique, every business has a personality and everyone has a different version of success. Running a business takes bravery but it’s also such a fun adventure!

My favourite colour is…


My favourite animal is…

an Alpaca

If I were a Disney character, I’d be…


Meet Imy

Co-founder, website/graphic designer, virtual assistant

Hi lovelies, I’m Imy – Amber’s younger sister and the other half of the Bloom & Brave dynamic duo!

I initially worked behind the scenes at Amber Phillips Design before organically taking on a bigger role within the business. If Amber Phillips Design was Amber’s baby, I guess it was my niece! I fell in love with it then, but even more so now that we’ve expanded our vision into what it is as Bloom & Brave.

Just like Amber I’ve always loved being creative, channelling that process through digital art, graphic design and theme building. As a teen I enjoyed coding simply for fun and could never have imagined it’d lead me to where I am now. In my spare time, I’m a video game nerd who loves to bake – although I’m much better at design!

My favourite colour is…


My favourite animal is…

a Tiger

If I were a Disney character, I’d be…

Sleeping Beauty

Meet  Holly

Website Developer, Technical Support

Hey, I’m Holly Pryce! I’m a front-end web developer specialising in WordPress websites. I started teaching myself to code for fun when I was 14, but after graduating with a degree in geography I decided to turn my hobby into my career and landed my first role as a web interface developer. For the last 4 years I’ve been running my own web development business and have built hundreds of websites for clients all over the world.

I’m originally from Shropshire, but now live just outside of Liverpool on the Wirral. When I’m not working I love travelling, gaming, baking, and listening to classic rock music.

Holly is part of the team at Bloom & Brave Creative but you can also find her at or on Instagram.

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My favourite animal is…

a Dolphin

If I were a Disney character, I’d be…

Princess Leia

Meet Tammy

Virtual Assistant, Administrator

I am passionate in helping clients achieve their goals, having a personal love of analysing data, organising diaries, organising events and managing emails. I am also fond of the techie side of things like website edits, creating lead pages and fixing any glitches or mishaps that may occur. I am very adaptable in whatever industry I may work for!

Tammy is part of the team at Bloom & Brave Creative but you can also find her at or on Instagram.

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My favourite animal is…

a Giraffe

If I were a Disney character, I’d be…


Work With Us

Website design that grows as your business grows and doesn’t break the bank. For new businesses or businesses looking to get started and set strong foundations to build on.

Completely custom website design, built from the ground up and tailored to your unique business and your goals. Together we’ll create a beautiful and results focused website!

A step-by-step course to help you build your own website. No faff, no fluff – the only course you need to build and maintain your own WordPress website (even if you’re not tech savvy!).

Virtual assistant packages for all of your website, tech and design needs. Ongoing monthly packages and one off project support to help your business bloom online.