Design & Tech Virtual Assistant

An expert in your pocket!

Virtual assistant packages for all of your website, tech and graphic design needs. We offer ongoing monthly packages and one off project support to help your business bloom online!

Whether you need website updates, new blog graphics designed or a whole new email marketing system set up, mix and match your design and tech needs each month. Our virtual assistant service is flexible to grow with ever-changing online businesses.

As part of the Design & Tech VA service, you get a discounted hourly rate and you’re secured in our schedule so that your work is done as a priority.

Outsourcing saves you a ton of time (and stress if things go wrong!). You don’t have to teach yourself how to use WordPress, you don’t have to remember to update your site, you don’t have to fiddle around with blog post formatting, you don’t have to drive yourself crazy trying to make things look nice on Canva! You can spend time doing what you love and growing your business.

What’s Included?

WordPress website updates

New web pages

Sales page design

Social media graphics

Blog graphics

Uploading and formatting blog posts

Printables, resources, workbooks and membership materials

Set up of new systems e.g. email platform or booking calendar

Scheduling of weekly/monthly newsletters

WooCommerce product upload/updates

Lead magnet design and set up

Online course creation

Sales funnel set up

Landing page design

Anything you can think of, we can either do it for you or we can recommend an expert!

WordPress maintenance package included!

WordPress maintenance is included with every monthly VA retainer. This includes WordPress core, theme and plugin updates, as well as daily backups and security checks.

Why should you update your site?

Updating to the latest versions of WordPress and it’s plugins and themes keeps your site secure and working well. Often the latest versions include fixes for performance and security vulnerabilities.

Keeping your site updated makes it more secure.

Sometimes it’s as simple as clicking ‘update’, but sometimes it involves more work, especially if an update breaks your website.

Leave all updates, backups and security checks to us. There’s no chance that your site will be vulnerable simply because an update was forgotten!

Handing over my website to someone else to look after was tough because I’d built it myself and I was worried that A) a pro would laugh at my efforts and B) I’d never be able to communicate what I wanted because I really struggle with being visually creative.

Amber and her team have been total legends at taking my scraps of ideas and bringing them to life. They’ve worked from really bad hand-drawn pictures, and mood boards mostly made up of Creative Market bundles and created a unique style that’s recognizably Worditude. I get compliments on my website, blog posts, workbooks and social posts All The Time.

If you need help making your business look consistently fabulous online, send Amber a message.

Laura Robinson

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Founder, Website/Graphic Designer, Virtual Assistant


Co-Founder, Website/Graphic Designer, Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant, Administrator


Website Developer, Technical Support

Design & Tech VA Packages

We’re currently at full capacity for monthly retainers but may have availability for one-off support. Please get in touch if you’d like to be added to our VA retainer waiting list or to discuss what you need for adhoc support.