Tiny businesses can do big things

Mar 20, 2024 | Business, Changemaking, Mind and Motivation

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Do you find yourself saying “I’ll do this when I’m successful/when I’ve reached this goal/when I’m richer/when I’m slimmer/when I’ve got X number of followers…”?

Yeah, me too. I still think like this sometimes but I’m trying not to. I’m trying not to wait on superficial things to do what I want to do. Life is for living, not for waiting around until the time is right!

Something I’ve always wanted to do is to make a difference in the world. But I thought it’d have to be some sort of big dramatic impact to make any real difference so I told myself ‘when my business is successful and we’ve got money to spare’.

But then I realised my business itself can be used to make a difference and even tiny businesses can do big things. And small steps add up to a big impact!

Enter B1G1! We’re partners with B1G1, a global movement that uses business as a force for good. Through everyday business activities, we can contribute to projects and causes that help change lives.

We give to various projects through Bloom & Brave. After every website launch, we choose projects to contribute to that we think would resonate with the client and their business. Bit by bit we make a difference through B1G1. A few of our recent impacts include:

🌱 Planting trees to increase forest cover in India

💧 Supplying a year of clean water to people in Malawi

📚 Providing literacy and business training to women in Uganda

🌸 Providing sexual awareness and feminine hygiene programs to girls in Kenya

It’s kind of exciting to see all of those impacts add up and know that our tiny business enables us to contribute to projects all around the world!

Here’s how we’re doing so far:

So here’s a little nudge from us. Whatever you’re putting off until you’ve reached the next constantly moving milestone, could you do it now? Even if it’s just the first small step or one small impact at a time?

Do something today that makes an impact on the world around you, whether that’s within your business or your everyday life. You don’t have to act huge to act – every small step adds up.

B1G1 helps businesses like ours give back in powerful new ways and do so much more for the world around us.

If you’d like to be part of B1G1, I’d love for you to join using our referral code: BM15234

Joining with that code gives 50 days of access to education to a child in the world so you can start making an impact from the moment you sign up!

Love, Amber x

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