Amber Phillips Design is now Bloom & Brave Creative!

Feb 18, 2022 | Behind the scenes

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Welcome to Bloom & Brave Creative!

It’s been a long time coming and we’re so excited to finally launch. If you’ve clicked on this post, then you might already know this business as Amber Phillips Design. We were Amber Phillips Design for almost 8 years, so what led us to the decision to change the business name and brand?

In the first UK lockdown, due to the pandemic, my (Amber’s) business exploded! I was already doing fairly well, gradually growing year on year and enjoying the steady growth. When I first heard about the pandemic, I naively thought that my business would completely go under, but being a website design and tech business when everyone needed to get online meant that it went all the way in the opposite direction!

I was inundated with work! Health and fitness professionals moving their studios online, small businesses wanting to refresh their website due to all the new visitors they were getting, new businesses who found themselves with the time to finally start their passion project due to being locked down at home 24/7… And I wanted to help them ALL.

I loved helping every single one of these people but before long I got very burnt out… Even when you’re at home with nowhere to go and nothing to do, working from dawn til dusk is a bad idea!

Enter Imy…

Imy is my sister. She is beyond talented, creative, quick to learn and my biggest cheerleader. Imy started helping me with retainer work and we quickly realised we’re a dream team.

Throughout 2020, I taught Imy how to create websites and she took to it like a duck to water. She already had design experience and had created websites on a different platform so it didn’t take long to learn how to use the platform that we use at Bloom & Brave Creative (we use WordPress and Divi). Now, she often teaches me things about Divi!

Me and Imy, we’re sisters, but also best friends. We often chat until the early hours of the morning, never running out of things to say. We share our dreams, we come up with big ideas, we make each other better. I mentioned in passing one day that I feel like maybe we’ve outgrown ‘Amber Phillips Design’. It wasn’t just me anymore – I got married in 2019 and my name is actually Amber Powers now – and we were wanting to go further than I felt APD could take us. That’s when Bloom & Brave Creative was born!

Imy came up with the name, I can’t take any credit for that, but I fell in love with it instantly! And it perfectly complements our matching ‘be brave’ tattoos we got just before the pandemic to remind us to do the things we really want to do but that sometimes scare us.

So, what does Bloom & Brave mean exactly?

Every business is different, in how they look, in how they grow… in how they bloom. We encourage women in business to bloom in their own way, your business blossoming to support the ecosystem of your life. We believe there’s no playbook to running a business. No system or rules that you should follow in order to be successful – where’s the fun in that? And no specific measure to ‘success’ – it is whatever YOU want it to be.

Running a business, being your own boss, means you can set your own rules. You can do whatever you want to do, you can experiment, you can have fun! Bloom in your own way and be brave when showing up online and in the way you curate your business.

Plus, building a business and going against the societal grain is scary. It takes continuous bravery to build a business and show up online with confidence!

We believe in injecting your own personality and passion into your branding, your business and your website. Here are just a few examples of people we have worked with to do that.

Tracey Tait has a wonderful, infectious personality! Her brand designer added this into her branding through the patterns and imagery (including donuts!) and we were so excited to create the website. When we look at Tracey’s website, we can see what it’d be like to work with her, we can see the fun and the energy and excitement!

And Laura from Worditude, she also does things differently with her scrapbook style branding and website. It’s fun, it’s interesting, it’s quirky, it makes us want to find out more and it makes her stand out.

Becky from Paths to Parenthub had an idea for something that’s very much needed but had never been done before. Her journey to becoming a mother through donor conception led her on a whole other journey to create an amazing membership platform supporting other people who want to have a family through donor conception. Her passion, empathy and kindness glows through her website.

See more on our portfolio.

We love working with passion-led businesses that are doing things differently and embracing their unique personality, and we love helping them develop that into amazing websites that attract their ideal customer, show off who they are, and help them to bloom into their vision of success.

There’s no limit to what you can do and what your business can do. That’s what we believe for ourselves here at Bloom & Brave Creative too. We dream of helping 1000’s of businesses bloom and be brave!

Where to next?

Completely custom website design, built from the ground up and tailored to your unique business and your goals. Together we’ll create a beautiful and results focused website!

Bespoke membership site powered through WordPress. Complete flexibility, minimal recurring fees and full ownership. Make a recurring profit while making a difference to your online community! 

A step-by-step course to help you build your own website. No faff, no fluff – the only course you need to build and maintain your own WordPress website (even if you’re not tech savvy!).

Hi, we’re Amber and Imy!

We’re sisters with a true passion for empowering small businesses to grow and succeed.

On our blog, you can catch up with the latest from Bloom & Brave Creative, including inspirational and informative posts helping you to bloom in your own way and show up bravely online.