We have an idea…

Want to take part in our experiment?

We’re looking for three new business without a website to help us test our new Starter Website Package!

We’ve filled all three beta spots for the Starter Website Package and are currently working with three amazing businesses on their website! Register your interest if you’d like to know when the full Starter Website Package launches.

New businesses or businesses without a website have a few options for getting a new site.

1 – Fork out some money to hire a web designer. This doesn’t always break the bank – there are lots of amazing web designers who offer great web design packages and payment plans, but for a fledgling business that’s still finding its feet, you’re often starting with very little budget. (When Amber first started the business, she was starting with virtually zero budget. If she wasn’t a web designer herself, we wouldn’t have had a website for a while!).

2 – DIY. But you’re trying to get this business off the ground, not teach yourself to be a web designer and waste time watching endless YouTube videos!

3 – Hire someone from Fiverr or an equally cheap website. Not often great quality and it won’t grow with your business, meaning that you’ll be redoing it pretty soon!

What if there was another option?

Another option that combines the done-for-you expertise of working with an experienced web designer and the do-it-yourself aspect so that you have full control of your website, while making it affordable to get an amazing new website for your business!

That’s what we’re experimenting with for the Bloom & Brave Starter Website Package.

All three beta spots for this package have been filled but register your interest below to find out when we’ve launched the full Starter Website Package. 

You’ll get

A beautiful new website that’s based on a layout pre-created by us – there are 3 layouts to choose from! – but it’s personalised to your branding and the unique qualities of your business. All you’ll need to do is add in your own text content.

The website includes a home page, about page, services overview page, sales page, blog page, contact page, plus customised blog posts, search results page, 404 page, archive pages… everything you need! 

A website that is built to grow. We use WordPress and Divi to create websites. It’s insanely flexible and can develop and adapt as your business grows. Also, any of the pages that we create can be used as templates for new pages. Need a new sales page for a new service? Simply duplicate the existing sales page template and adjust for the new service.

Content workbook to help you write text that converts website visitors into superfans, created by the amazing copywriter Laura at Worditude.

A mini course to show you exactly how to use your website and how to update it. You can easily dip in and out of the course when you need to do something like update text content, change an image or add a new page.

As a new business, you’re likely experimenting and learning as you go. This time next year, your business might look totally different! You might be experimenting with new services or different audiences or you might not know exactly what you want yet. With the content workbook and knowledge of how to update your own website, you can easily adjust the content as your business changes. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know all of the answers just yet – the website adapts around you.

A once over of the website by us before it goes live. When you’re adding your text content to the website, you might have questions or need something neatened up if what’s been written doesn’t quite fit the gap. We’ll check through the website just before launch and tweak the design and layout if needed.

Launch support – we’ll help you shout about your new website!

Free hosting and domain name for the first year. We like to describe hosting as your rent for the internet, your domain name as your address and your website as your home. You need all 3 to have a self-hosted website that you have full control over. 

We’ll get

To offer a much more affordable web design package for new businesses that supports them as they grow.

A quick turnaround! This is where the pre-created layouts come in. It massively cuts down the design and development time which means we can focus on personalising the website for you and getting your new website set up really quickly. Totally custom websites usually take a minimum of 6 weeks, whereas we think the starter package will take no more than 2 weeks (we’re giving our best guess based on our decade of experience creating websites!).

Feedback on the process so that we can fine tune it ready to launch in full. We’ll be testing how long it really takes to create websites in this way (we’re estimating no more than 2 weeks) so we can work out our capacity going forward, what we can do to make the journey to getting a new website super easy for our clients, how we can support new businesses to hit the ground running, our messaging, if there’s anything missing in the mini course, if there’s anything that can be improved…

A simplified content process. THE number one thing that holds up our custom web design projects is content. Unless our clients are working with a copywriter specifically, they need to write their content before we start the web design project. It’s very rare that content is completed by the start date so our project schedule is often jumbled and it makes managing projects difficult! So this new package flips that around. The website is created first, the content comes after. We think that this might make the process of writing content easier and we’re eager to test that.

Real life examples of websites created with the Bloom & Brave Starter Website Package to share in our portfolio, on our website and on social media.

If you’re a new business without a website, we’d love to work with you!

How will it work?

Step 1 - Fill in the form below

Fill in the form below to register your interest. At the moment we’re testing this new package and we’ve filled the three beta spots. We hope to launch the full Starter Website Package soon after we’ve finished testing and ironing out the process, so register your interest below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we’re taking bookings again.

Step 2 - The 'getting started' email

When the full Starter Website Package has launched, we’ll be in touch to let you know, answer any questions you have, discuss exactly what you need and give a provisional start date for your website. There’s also an opportunity to book a call here if you’d like to chat through your website via Zoom.

Step 3 - Choose your layout

If you’d like to go ahead with the website, we’ll send you the website layout options to review and decide what you like best. If you’re not sure, that’s ok! Ask us a question, tell us what you like, or leave it to us to decide what we think will work best for your business.

Step 4 - Branding information

We’ll send through a form where you can upload your brand information and any specific photos you’d like to use e.g. of yourself or from photoshoots (we can source images for you if not).

As a newer business, you might not have branding yet or might be unsure what you need. Your branding is your logo, fonts, colours and any specific elements that make up the look of your business. We can help with this!

Step 5 - Creating your website

After we’ve received all of the information, we get to work creating your website. We’ll ask for feedback along the way to make sure you’re happy with how everything looks.

Step 6 - Uploading text content

Once we’re finished with creating your website, it’s over to you to add your content using the website mini-course (we’re also on hand to help if you’ve got questions) and plan when you’d like to launch this beauty into the world!

Step 7 - Final tweaks and launch!

We’ll help to tweak the website if needed so that the text you’ve added fits and flows. We’ll dust off, help with any finishing touches, make sure everything links up and works, then help you to launch your website.

Step 8 - Feedback

After the project, we’ll chat through how everything went, ask your feedback on the process and see if there’s anything else you need support with that you think should be included in this package. We really want to make the Bloom & Brave Starter Website Package the best it can be and to support new businesses to bloom and show up bravely online!

How much does it cost?

We’re working with our beta testers at the moment to perfect the new Starter Website Package. When we fully launch, we expect the Starter Website Package to be at least £800.
Payment plans available.

Register your interest

We’ll let you know as soon as we’re taking bookings again!

Hi, we’re Amber and Imy!

We’re sisters with a true passion for helping solopreneurs and small businesses to grow and succeed with beautiful and results focused websites!

We know that each entrepreneur has their own version of success whether that’s more freedom to work around their kids, the income to buy their dream home, more time to explore the world… And we’re passionate about helping them reach their goals, without having to become huge corporations. We truly believe tiny businesses can do magical things!

Amber founded the business in 2014 after working in a digital marketing and design agency managing clients like The National Trust, Scottish Power and TalkTalk. She realised that she really enjoyed working with passion-led solopreneurs who are running their businesses purely because they love what they do and the freedom it provides, rather than large corporations.

Imy joined the business a few years later and helped to take it to the next level. Together, with our other wonderful team members, we are Bloom & Brave Creative, helping our clients to bloom into their vision of success and be brave when showing up online.